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Tax Consulting (Tax Advisory Services)

In the tax consulting (tax advisory services) we will perform will be based on information provided to us by the company. We are not responsible for and will not verify completeness and accuracy of such information. Even if we are also the external accountants for accounting services or external auditors of the company.

The company’s management is responsible for maintaining proper accounting records and ensuring that the company complies with prevailing tax laws and regulations in Indonesia (“the tax law”). This responsibility remains unchanged irrespective of the fact that the company has appointed us as the Company’s tax advisors.

Under the tax law, tax payments are based on self-assessment. That is, the company remains responsible for the contents and submission of its tax return. Accordingly, the company should ensure that its tax returns are complete and accurate before they are finalized and signed. We reiterate that by signing the tax returns, the company assumes responsibility for any consequences, which may arise in the future under the self-assessment system.

The Indonesian Tax Authorities (“ITA”) have powers to inquire into the completeness or accuracy of any tax return. Given that the prevailing statute of limitation is 10 years, it is advisable to maintain tax record together with all supporting documents for 10 years in anticipation of any tax audits conducted by ITA in the future.

We will assist the company upon request on all matters related to taxation as follows:

  • Understanding the aspects and ramifications of a newly contemplated transaction structure;
  • Preparation, within the boundaries of tax law, of strategic tax policy in order to optimize its tax costs;
  • Obtaining specific rulings from ITA;
  • Liquidation procedure for corporate;
  • Consultation in every tax problems.


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